The idea

Problem: Heart failure develops after a heart attack, resulting in scarring of the muscle. Unfortunately, the primary treatment of bypassing blocked arteries does not adequately restore the heart. 
Solution: Develop an injection-based medicine (HeartCel) with heart specific stem cell that regenerates damaged muscle, reducing the scar and improving the heart's ability to pump
Ambition: To become a leading manufacturer of commercial heart stem cell medicine

Source: Harvard Med, PharmaTelevision, Cell Therapy, Journal of Cardiac Failure

The prize

Market: There are 20 million patients with heart failure in North America, Europe and Asia accounting for a US$50bn market
Target: The key segment consists of the 1 million patients per year who undergo bypass or stent surgery to improve blood flow to the heart. The incomplete revascularisation leaves the patient with a 40% increased risk of further heart attacks and a 20% increased risk of dying within a year



Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Biotech and Money

the exit

Advantage: Led by Noble prize-winning stem cell scientist, ex-Roche Global head of Emerging Technologies and ex-UK Minister for Trade and Industry. Rapid launch will be driven by the fast track Orphan drug approval pathway (Reg. EC 141/2000). This guarantees a 10-year monopoly on drug sales for the first company to obtain EMEA market approval for a particular drug. Cell Therapy is well placed to be the first to market in the end-stage heart failure niche
Potential exits: 
- Big Pharma looking to acquire new patents or innovations

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