Problem: There are over 7500 websites providing sharing of various assets, such as Zipcar and Airbnb. Users have to trawl individual sites, with limited offerings in each category, and set up multiple accounts to find a suitable deal
Solution: A
ggregate sharing sites onto one platform, enabling access to goods and services across multiple categories on one platform
To become the leading global go-to brand of the sharing economy

Source: The Economist, Compare & Share,

The prize

Market: Circa US$5.5 trillion worth of assets are underutilised globally.The sharing economy is estimated to be worth US$15bn globally, and is forecast to increase to US$335bn by 2025
Target: Millenials exhibit an increasing tendency to share rather than own, with 68% of global online consumers willing to share or rent their items

Source: PwC, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, BBC, Nielsen Global survey

The exit

Advantage: Compare & Share not only aggregates supply (compare) but also aggregates demand (share). Users post their listings once and it populates on other sites, giving affiliates access to more customers
Potential exits: 
- Partners or affiliates wanting to enter other sectors
- Current aggregators or marketplaces

- Vertical leaders (e.g. flat/car rental companies)
- Private equity
- Management buyout

Source: Mergermarket, FT, BBC, Bloomberg