The sun screaming out to the Malay Peninsula / by Dimitra Taslim

As a photographer, I know exactly what I want to capture. I know where I need to be to take the shot, and at what time. Ask any photographer and they'll tell you the same - once I have an image on my mind, I'll go through pretty much everything to get it. 

This shot encapsulates that way of being. That quintessence of the photographers' psyche. That hopelessly romantic ideal of capturing the exact shot that's been on your mind months before reaching your destination. 

I remember waking up at three in the morning to hike up Penang hill. It wasn't a comfortable experience. The air was thick like mud. I was drenched in my own sweat whilst a frenzied horde of mosquitoes fed on my blood. Then I got to the top. I looked at where I was standing, and what was ahead of me in the distance. It was a golden hue, much like sweet, swirling buttermilk. I was alone, joyous, and at peace with myself.

As I began to set up my tripod, a smile broke across my face the way the sun cracked out of the clouds. That familiar feeling. I knew I've got it again.