The idea

Problem: For many, investing in property is out-of-reach due to lack of capital, unavailability of finance and lack of knowledge
Solution: Create a fully-integrated property crowdfunding platform that allows users to build a diversified portfolio. Each property is acquired within the wrapper of its own unique Limited company with users acquiring shares in the SPV. The net rent is paid to users annually as a dividend until the property is sold and the net proceeds distributed to users
Ambition: To democratise property investment and become a leading property equity crowdfunding platform

Source: The Guardian, The Independent, Property Moose, BBC

The prize

Market: The value of the UK housing stock in the private-rented sector has risen by 57% in the past 5 years to £1.16 trillion. Transactions and private housing starts are on an upward trend, and so are rental and house prices. From 2012-14, the volume of funding in the UK equity crowdfunding market grew 410%
Target: Those who lack the capital to invest or those who wish to spread their investments over multiple properties. Primary focus is on the lower-upper middle class and young professionals

Source: World Bank, Savills, Massolutions, Colliers, Capital Economics, CBRE, Hewes & Associates, CPA, Nesta

the exit

Advantage: Its equity crowdfunding platform is different to the P2P lending platforms that are operating in the property sector. Its entry point of £500 per individual investment is one of the lowest in the market. It has a strong management team with many years of experience in the property and legal space
Potential exits: 
- Mainstream financial institutions looking to enter the crowdfunding space
- Private high net worth property investor

- Competitor acquisition
- Private equity

Source: RocketHub, Crowdfund Insider