Truth be told,

I have much to learn about life and love. I travel the world, meet new people and listen to their stories. I speak Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia, and tinker with Urdu, Hokkien and Javanese.

From frying plantains in the kitchens of Mozambique, to filling up gas tanks on scuba-diving boats in the Maldives, to counselling Tibetan refugees in North India -- I spent more than a year traveling the world and experimenting with odd jobs.

I guess I just wanted to see what’s out there.

Today I’m part of the Harvard MBA Class of 2019. I’d be a fool to think the Harvard MBA is the silver bullet to life's answers. But I’m looking forward to soaking up the collective knowledge of my classmates and sharing my own life lessons.

I’m staying on as a Consultant with Monk's Hill Ventures, a tech VC that I used to work for. I'm also an ambassador of Solve Education!, a non-profit that is revolutionising education through AI. I love tech and trade cryptocurrencies for fun. 

I graduated from the LSE and started my career in London at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Co), working with large corporates and PE funds such as KKR, Blackstone and Warburg Pincus. Previously I was with Conciliation Resources NGO, assisting in strategic planning for peacebuilding projects in the Caucasus, Central Africa and South Asia. 

I like world cultures and venture investing, and have an angel portfolio of 8 companies. I also enjoy diving and learning new things.